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How to take action on risks and opportunities (Clause 6.1.1)

In this video, you will learn how to take action on risks and opportunities and address clause 6.1.1 of the ISO standards.

In previous blogs, we have looked at identifying needs and expectations of interested parties (4.2) and the context of the organisation (4.1).

Once you have done this, you can use the same template mentioned in earlier blogs (Risk Opportunity and Objective Register) where you would have identified a certain internal or external issue under 4.1 is a risk or opportunity. Or where a certain need or expectation of an interested party is something we should do planning on as a business (as a risk or opportunity).

After this, the rest of the register is an action planning process.

Using an example from an earlier blog: An expectation or interest of staff was that you provide them with a safe working environment.

You would treat this as an opportunity, then set some objectives.

You need to make your staff aware of how they need to participate and contribute to our safety system.

You can do this by giving them some actions, doing training, tool box talks - whatever the case might be, who is going to do them, and when they are going to complete it by.

If you do this, not only have you identified the risks and opportunities, but you also capture and can demonstrate how you can take action on them as well.

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