HSEQ Compliance Software

Mango is designed to simplify, automate and reduce the cost of compliance by integrating your quality, health, safety, environmental and food safety management systems in the cloud and on Mobile App. 

IRM can help implement Mango into your organisation, provide training on the use of this software and offer local support. 

Customer Benefits

Easier Way to Certification



Save Time



Gain Certification to mutiple Standards with ease

Improve efficiency. 

Reduce excess administration.

Be ready for Certification in weeks - not months/ years

Banish paperwork. Eliminate document control

In Control Compliance


Expert Support


Assign compliance tasks. Oversight  completion

One system across all standards, sites and departments 

Local HSEQ experts 

Turbo-Charge HSEQ Improvement 

What Can Mango do for My Business?
Customer Testimonials

"Mango being available anywhere, anytime, meets our needs for an integrated system for all our complince programmes"

Paul Allot


Rooney Group


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