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Welcome to the Insiders Guide to ISO Management Systems and Compliance

Welcome back to series 2 of our video blogs! In this series, we're going to answer the most common questions we get from our customers to help you in your journey towards ISO certification.

I'm Andrew Thornhill, the director at IRM systems, where we've got decades of experience supporting customers in the development of their management systems, right through to certification.

In this video, I will be introducing the content that will be upcoming in this series. If you like the look of what is to come, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel or to Blog Notifications.

What this series will cover:

We're going to start having a look at the ISO ecosystem. This will involve looking at who are the the different parties involved are, and explaining some of the names you might have heard.

We're also going to have a look at what certification is and how much it might cost, as well as the actual certification process itself.

We will have a look at what's involved in implementing a management system, some of the benefits of doing that, and how you can keep it streamlined.

A management system can sometimes become an administrative burden, so we will take you through a strategy on how to avoid that pitfall.

We will also discuss what happens when the external auditors come out to the certification audit; How can we manage that process? What can we do if we don't agree with a particular finding that they might have?

For a full list of all the topics to come, check out the diagrams below.

Diagram showing what topics will be upcoming in the ISO Series

Diagram showing what topics will be upcoming in the ISO Series

If you have any topic requests for future videos, don't hesitate to get in contact.

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