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What Is Meant By A Process In The Context Of An ISO Management System?

In this video, we're going to talk about what's meant by a process in the context of an ISO management system. Towards the end, I’ll give you a link to where you can see some really good examples of mapping out a process.

Don't just focus on the documentation

When we start our work with customers, they often focus on what documentation is needed for their management system. But if you read the ISO management system standards, it is clear that you firstly need to understand the processes to achieve the objectives you've set.

Using ISO 45001 as an example, ISO has clearly stated that you need to:

  1. Set objectives

  2. Have policy commitments about what you want to achieve

  3. Plan, implement, maintain

  4. Measure the processes necessary to achieve intended performance.

Rather than just jumping into documenting how it's done - you need to map it out as a process. This can be done by getting a team together to discuss the steps needed to achieve the goals, such as the process for making people aware of the management system during induction and on-boarding.

Process Mapping

Process mapping can be powerful - all we're really doing is visually representing the steps involved in inducting people and ensuring they are competent. We find that by process mapping, our customers can unlock a whole lot more out of their management system.

Here's a simple example of a technique you can use, or alternatively you can just find an online mapping process to replicate...

Benefits of Process Mapping

  1. The team can agree on what's currently being done

  2. You can see where the gaps in the process are

  3. You can see where the risks are, and come up with mitigation solutions

  4. Your team can start to plan, manage, monitor and measure the process

  5. It starts to take the focus off just the documents and onto your goals

  6. You can visually represent inspection, checking, monitoring, and authorization points

  7. Opportunities to integrate the requirements of the standard into your strategic and operational processes

Once you have completed your process map, you can come back to the discussion around where you need documentation. If you would like some free resources related to process mapping, you can download these from our free resources.

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